Information and Communications Technologies field is a newly established area of study in response to the needs for the offering of a curriculum selectively drawn from the curricula of Telecommunications (TC), Computer Science, and Information Management (CSIM). With strong emphasis on communications aspects — rather than on the aggregation of hardware, software, networks, equipment and related industries — ICT recognizes the important role of information services and applications in the creation of a complete ICT infrastructure.


Master of Engineering, Master of Science, diploma and certificate are offered.

Preferred Background

For Master Program
Undergraduate degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, communications, telecommunications, electrical engineering, electronics, applied mathematics/statistics and information systems.

For Doctoral Program
Master degree in a field relevant to the chosen program of study.


For the 1st and 2nd semesters, ICT students will take courses from CSIM and TC. A set of 2-4 new courses will be introduced to characterize the ICT features in the 2nd year.

Course Structure

In ICT (Information and Communications Technologies), the minimum course requirements is 26 credits for Thesis option and 38 credits for research study option.

Thesis Option Research Option
Required Courses  9 credits 9 credits
Elective Courses 15 credits 27 credits
Institute Wide Elective Courses 2 credits 2 credits
Option 22 credits 10 credits
Total 48 credits *  48 credits

* The Institute-wide elective courses of 2 credits are included in the total course credits.

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