The Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure Management (CEIM) field of study prepares students to become effective managers and decision-makers familiar with the modern techniques of construction management, engineering management and infrastructure management. It trains professionals to play a leading role in the international construction industry. It molds students to become active leaders in the infrastructure development and management.


Areas of Specialization

Students may choose to either specialize in Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) or Infrastructure Management (IM).

Construction Engineering and Management covers advanced project management approaches to finance, plan, design, construct, monitor and control construction projects. This master’s degree program emphasizes in-depth construction project management approaches such as project organization management, construction planning and control, project procurement, contract management, productivity analysis and improvement, quality and safety improvement, IT in project management, sustainable construction, project financing, Public Private Partnerships (PPP) for infrastructure management, international construction joint ventures and construction business strategy.

Infrastructure Management focuses on the processes necessary for the planning and development of new infrastructure, and on maintaining and operating mature infrastructure for sustainability. A wide variety of management topics are covered, such as infrastructure planning, infrastructure economics, infrastructure management systems, optimal maintenance management, reliability of infrastructure systems, asset valuation and utilization, and infrastructure planning under risk and uncertainty.

Professional Master in Project Management (with specialization in Construction Project)

The aim of this MPM program is to provide applied and advanced project management knowledge to professionals working in large scale construction projects. The program is designed for one year study period. Selected students are construction industry professional with at least 3 years experience.

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Preferred Background

Master Program:

Undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Business Studies, and other bachelor degree related with construction projects . Degrees in other fields of engineering, urban and regional planning, architecture, quantity surveying, etc., are also considered

Doctoral Program:

Master degree in Construction Engineering and Management, Infrastructure Management or in any other field of civil engineering. Candidates with significant research or professional experience are highly preferred.

Construction Engineering Management AIT

Course Structure

AUGUST Course Description Choice Credits
CE70.11 Project Cost and Financial Management Required 3(3-0)
CE70.12 Organizational Management in Construction Required 3(3-0)
CE70.13 Research Methodology in the Built Environment Elective 3(3-0)
CE70.21 Integrated Project Planning and Control Required  3(3-0)
JANUARY Course Description Choice Credits
CE70.22 Legal and Contractual Risk Management Elective 3(3-0)
CE70.23 Project Performance Management Elective 3(3-0)
CE70.33 Occupational Safety and Health Management in Construction Projects Elective 3(3-0)
CE70.15 Infrastructure Development and System Management Elective  3(3-0)
CE70.43 Project Financing Elective  3(3-0)
CE70.16 Applied Project Management in Housing and Real Estate Projects Elective  1(1-0)
CE70.9005 Selected Topic: Applied Project Management in Power-Plant Projects Elective  1(1-0)
CE70.17 Applied Project Management in High Rise Building Projects Elective  1(1-0)
CE70.18 Applied Project Management in Commercial Projects Elective  1(1-0)
CE70.9017 Selected Topic: The Principle of Facilities Management Elective  1(1-0)

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